Godiva Associates

Member of the official recognised bodies of Equity & an associate member of Institute of Registered Tour Guides (ITG)

Our Work & About Pru Porretta

The Godiva Association supports Pru Porretta in her

work with schools and community groups, to bring the

story of Lady Godiva to life for the people of

Coventry, for visitors and particularly for the next

generation of children.  


Lady Godiva died on 10 September 1067.  In recent

years Pru has revived an ancient commemoration of her death, Dame Goodyver’s Daye.  On and around 10

September, there is a procession through the streets

of Coventry and a celebration in the Cathedral ruins.

In her role as present day Lady Godiva, Pru invites

different cultural, religious and ethnic communities

to choose their own heroine.  They work with the

Godiva Association to prepare music, dance, costume,

umbrellas and banners to celebrate their heroines as

Godiva Sisters.      


Pru is chair of the committee promoting the annual

Coventry Women’s Festival.  This grows in the variety

of activities and involvement it offers.  She also

leads the multi-cultural Positive Images celebration

in the city and is a member of the city’s Multi-Faith

Forum.  She regularly does an Imaginative Reading

Café, bringing stories and books alive for children

and their families.  She works closely with Kusumika

Chaterjee in these presentations, using puppets and

other artistic inventions.


Pru travels to Kiel in Germany, to London, and to many

different towns and villages in the West Midlands.

She gives her lively and engaging presentations to

promote Coventry and its story to thousands of people.

 She supports local historic and cultural events in

schools and community groups.

She is a Green Badge Guide for the city and has

received, welcomed and guided national and

international visitors, including people from Belgium,

Netherlands, France, Brazil, Thailand, Slovakia,

Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Australia, India,

Honduras, the Balkans, Columbia, Montserrat, Croatia,

Afghanistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh.  She has created

her own Ghost Tour to startle the unwary as they

explore the darker side of Coventry’s history.


She has been invited as an after-dinner speaker to

national and international conferences at the

University of Warwick, Coventry University and

elsewhere.  She has appeared in conversation with

Peeping Tom, another local character played by John

Tierne.  Pru was awarded an honorary MA degree from

Coventry University in 2002 for her work in the

community.  She is a member of the actor’s union,

EQUITY and of CVOne, the city centre company.  She is

a wife and mother of three children and is an active

member of the Catholic parish of Saint Osburg.


Pru has enormous energy and imagination, expressed

through her many projects and activities.  She

motivates colleagues and inspires the people who meet

her.  She has absorbed, lives and breathes the spirit

of Lady Godiva.  She has the ability to make things

happen.  Her gifts of patience and tenacity, her faith

in people and in what they can achieve, have persuaded

some quite “ordinary” people to turn wonderful dreams

into present realities.  People respond to the human

touch, the radiant smile and go on their way enriched

and blessed by our Lady Godiva.

Lady Godiva MBE in the garden